Frisuren mit Pony: Die schönsten Looks zum Nachstylen

Schockverliebt! Frisuren mit Pony haben ihren Platz in der Riege der Top-Trendfrisuren wiederzurückerobert. Mit den frechen Fransen…

Wondering how often you need to wash your hair ? Or would you ever think about if I really should shampoo twice? Here we answer these questions and four other questions about washing hair.

How often should you wash your hair ?
Remember that what matters is the sort of hair. If your hair is not particularly oily or is truly dry, washing 2-3 times per week will suffice. Is your hair oily? So you may want to clean it every day. If you have thick, curly or dry hair , once a week is going to be enough

Do I must shampoo twice?

You may have heard about the’foam, rinse, repeat’trio, yet you wonder if this really is true. As a matter of fact, this will depend on your own lifestyle. If spent lots of time outdoors or use a lot of hair styling products, doubling the shampoo can help to remove debris. In the event that you wash your hair virtually every day, shampooing once is a good practice, as excess shampoo can take away the natural, protective oils from the hair and leave the hair unprotected from damage.

Are special products necessary for colored hair ?

To answer briefly: yes. Dyeing frequently causes wear and makes hair look dry and dull. Use products specially developed to keep colored hair alive for longer

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